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As well as treating patients from across the UK, Mr Uddin welcomes patients from all over the world.

Moorfields Eye Hospital and Parkside Hospitals are familiar with providing support and care for their international patients within a safe, effective and efficient environment. Mr Uddin’s team are here to assist with your enquires and journey.


As the senior oculoplastic, orbital and lacrimal consultant, at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital, Mr Uddin is well known to colleagues internationally.

He has been involved in training many of the world’s leading oculoplastic surgeons. He assists and advises doctors from other countries who are dealing with complex clinical situations.

Through his regular attendance at international scientific conferences and membership of specialist organisations as well as contributing to scientific literature and teaching courses, Mr Uddin is in the forefront of providing care using the latest techniques and innovations from research.

He prides himself on offering the highest quality personalised clinical, diagnostic and surgical services.

Mr Uddin is one of the leading experts in his field with over 25 years of experience managing a wide range of eyelid, orbital and lacrimal conditions. He puts his patients at the heart of his practice, providing exceptional individualised care at every step. He offers a comprehensive range of procedures and has access to state of the art technologies and treatments to guarantee the best possible treatment options for his patients.

Mr Uddin understands that travelling abroad for medical care can be extremely daunting and is therefore completely committed to providing a comfortable clinical environment where all patients can feel at home and well supported.

His team are committed at providing timely and effective treatments for patients from overseas. Many patients choose to come through their country’s Embassy and health offices.

Estimating how much treatment will cost

We are happy to provide an estimate for costs of consultation, investigation and treatment, as well as length of stay. The more information you send us, the more accurate we can be in estimating the cost of your medical treatment plan.

Visa applications/Insurance/Sponsorship for treatment in the UK

We will support you by sending you a “confirmation of treatment plan” documents for your visa application and for your country’s medical bodies and treatment facilities.

We support many international health and insurance companies including BUPA international, Cigna, Embassies, High Commissions, Health Authorities and company insurances

Conditions managed by My Uddin

Also, Mr Uddin regularly manages complex and unusual conditions often working with a multidisciplinary team. He works with longstanding, world-class teams based at Moorfields, St George’s Hospital Medical School, Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital, UCL and Harley Street physicians.

Thyroid Eye Disease

We provide the latest acute medical and surgical treatments, as well as comprehensive functional and cosmetic rehabilitation options including orbital decompression, eyelid and brow positional and enhanced blepharoplasty surgery, and squint surgery.

Mr Uddin has performed about 900 decompression surgeries and more numerous lid surgery.

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Mr Uddin provides cosmetic surgery for “tired and ageing” face, in particular upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation procedures. This can often be enhanced with brow or mid-face procedures to result in a more effective natural look.

As the most senior and longest-serving oculoplastic surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Mr Uddin has considerable experience in cosmetic and reconstructive eye surgery for common as well as complex, revisional and unusual cases. With a national and international referral base, he is known for delivering exceptional and personalised care, resulting in the most effective surgical outcomes. He offers a comprehensive range of treatments in an open and safe clinical environment.

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Orbital Tumours and inflammations

Mr Uddin specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of orbital disorders, treating a large number of patients both adults and children. He sees patients from all over the UK as well as internationally, accepting referrals from many countries across the globe.

Over the 20 years as a specialist orbital surgeon at Moorfields, he has performed many orbital biopsies and excision of tumours, which require very specialised expertise.

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Oculoplastic and reconstructive procedures

Eyelid tumours

Eyelid tumours including BCC, SCC, Sebaceous gland carcinoma, melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma. Mr Uddin treats many tumours confined to the eyelids and orbit and enjoys trying to maximise an excellent cosmetic result, but effective tumour management. With Tumours that extend beyond the eyelids and orbit, Mr Uddin has a team of world-class oncologists, Maxillofacial, Ent and plastic surgeons to collaborate with to give the best and most up-to-date treatments.

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Children with eyelid, orbital and lacrimal (watery eye) problems

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Watery eye

Watery eye (lacrimal) problems including complex/revision surgery/failed surgery (including Lester-Jones by-pass tubes)

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Orbital and facial deformity

Orbital and facial deformity associated with trauma, tumour, congenital and acquired conditions. In particular, Mr Uddin has extensive multidisciplinary experience treating enophthalmos (sunken appearance of the eye), hypoglobus (eye looks like its dropped down) and facial cosmetic and functional deformity associated with facial trauma.

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Facial Palsy

Facial Palsy. Mr Uddin works with a comprehensive and leading team to provide total care from Botox/fillers to eyelid position and closure problems, to static and dynamic procedures for the whole face.

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